Sterling (VIP) Home & Auto Insurance

How Logistics Insurance Can Help You Get There
Hallmark is a full service, multi-line brokerage. By arranging coverage for both your home and your vehicles through us, you will enjoy reduced premiums, quicker results and comprehensive, integrated coverage.

You will work with an Account Director and Account Manager, who knows your circumstances in detail, and are available every time you need us.

Hallmark represents a wide range of insurance companies, providing you with more choices and flexibility than a direct-writing company. To tailor coverage for your unique needs, Hallmark will perform a regular review of your coverage with you — to ensure that you are adequately protected.

We provide a dedicated 24 hours per day claims reporting facility to assist you! Our Account follows-up with the adjuster, ensuring the attention you deserve. She will ensure that your settlement is fair and matches the policy you purchased. Contact [email protected]

For the owners and senior managers of our Corporate and Commercial customers, who often have more sophisticated requirements, we provide enhanced or “Sterling” service. Our Sterling clients receive:

  • Return of their calls within the hour before 3:00 PM. After that, first thing the next morning!
  • An annual account review, by telephone or in person, to evaluate your present coverage (home, valuables and collectibles and leisure activities) that may reveal areas where your needs could be better met.
  • A no-cost prospective home appraisal designed to assess the reconstruction cost of your home and the adequacy of your alarm system. Each residence is evaluated separately, based on its special features.
  • Collection and storage of household inventory records at our site to substantiate claims.
  • Coverage of any passenger, recreational, historic or exotic vehicle for “agreed value”.
  • Appraisal and coverage of special assets, such as jewellery, fine art and wine collections, using our qualified suppliers.
  • Asset protection for personal injury, directors and officers liability for non-profit organizations, uninsured motorists, worldwide auto rental and defence costs.

Talk with Ria Reimann, the Hallmark Sterling (VIP) Home & Auto Insurance Specialist today!