Small Business Insurance

Small business owners represent a vital component of our economy in contributing to economic growth and creating jobs. That is why it is critical that as a small business owner you have the appropriate processes in place to protect your business from any unfortunate circumstances.

At the Hallmark Insurance Group, we serve as your trusted small business advisor in developing an affordable insurance plan to ensure your total cost of risk is reduced and that you have a plan for continued financial security.

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For small business clients, who are often handling multiple (or all) roles in the enterprise, we offer the convenience of telephone-based commercial service. If you are paying less than $15,000 for all of your policies, we provide a dedicated Account Manager, specially trained to serve the smaller enterprise or not-for-profit organization. This Account Manager is able to handle all of your insurance needs, from reviewing your policy, to updating your program as your needs and assets change.

Hallmark also provides a specialized team of experienced brokers whose specialty is the middle market segment of business risks – those clients who typically pay more than $15,000 in premiums per year for their commercial insurance program. These Account Executives ensure that your business receives timely attention. They review your loss history and controls and then consult with you to devise a strategy for approaching the best company to underwrite the risks of your growing business.

As your business grows, Hallmark is there for you! A business continuously changes and in turn so does its needs. At every stage of your business lifecycle, Hallmark Insurance is prepared to deliver a plan that best suits your business needs.

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