General Corporation Insurance

In today’s competitive business environment, large corporations are looking for ways to navigate market volatility and respond to a constantly changing business environment. With market volatility across different industries comes varying degrees of risk.


What makes the Hallmark Insurance Group different is it’s expert team of industry experts. Their knowledge of trends in your area of the economy ensures that the growth and continuity of your business can be achieved, as they bring a variety of professional services to bear on your business issues.

Hallmark Insurance Group is well positioned to deliver a best in class risk management program that will help you minimize your total cost of risk. Techniques for preserving your records, introducing effective employee benefits, auditing employment practices and minimizing downtime are customized for your industry.

Again, the Account Executives, Account Managers (licensed brokers who provide customer service by telephone, fax and electronic mail) and Account Administrators work together in high performing teams that focus on provision of comprehensive and timely attention to client needs. We comprehensively analyze your claims exposures and experience to recommend best practices, review your overall corporate and executive insurance programs on an ongoing basis and meet with you regularly to align our risk management efforts with your business strategies.

If you are currently paying more than $50,000 annually for your insurance coverage and wish us to review your programs and needs, contact our Commercial Marketing Manager Ceen Harry.

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