Errors & Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions, also known as professional liability insurance, is a product that is designed to protect your business in the event that a customer or a client alleges that an error or neglect on your part resulted in a financial loss for their company. An errors and omissions policy covers damages that are not covered under a general liability insurance policy. General liability coverage only covers property and physical damage. What it does not cover is professional errors, negligence or malpractice.

At the Hallmark Insurance Group, we have industry specialists who will serve as your trusted advisor and develop a comprehensive plan that protects you beyond your generic liability exposures.

Who needs errors and omissions insurance?

  1. Consultants
  2. Brokers and Agents
  3. Management Consultants
  4. Information Technologists
  5. Software developers
  6. Website developers
  7. Architects
  8. Landscape architects
  9. Engineers
  10. Attorneys

For which industries do errors and omissions apply?

  1. Golf & Country Clubs
  2. Transportation / Trucking
  3. General Contractors
  4. Small Businesses
  5. Private Schools
  6. Mining Professionals

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