The Making Millionaires Program

The Making Millionaires Program

Since 1948, the Hallmark Insurance Group has been able to remain competitive in the Ontario financial market by attracting top talent through excellent benefits and rewards to individuals that are looking for a better career, life and future.

As staff members are the most important part of Hallmark’s growth, the company has created a program where those interested and committed to a career in insurance sales have a clearly defined career path that is financially fulfilling. We want to create an environment where an individual’s exceptional performance is linked with increasing rewards, culminating in share ownership in the enterprise.

The Making Millionaires program at the Hallmark Insurance Group is designed for High Performers who want to reap the rewards of their hard work while contributing to the growth of the company. Making Millionaires program is a comprehensive career development plan that involves extensive training and mentoring in all aspects of the industry and the job to ensure an individual’s success. It’s a program that aligns professional development with continuing education to allow employees to be successful by recognizing growth and teamwork.

Making Millionaires program at Hallmark is designed to equip sales brokers with proven models, marketing and advertising support in their day-to-day interactions with potential customers. We want to create an environment where you can be paid for what you love by targeting markets and activities that you truly enjoy and for which you are passionate.

As personal employee growth is a key component to Hallmark’s success, the Making Millionaires program has established clearly defined career steps and matching compensation to go along with it. It allows those High Performers, who align with our core values to eventually gain ownership in the company. It’s a philosophical change to how sales employees are compensated.

The Making Millionaires program targets employees that:

  1. Embrace our core values
  2. Have an acute competitive spirit
  3. Are financially motivated and
  4. Are highly ethical.

As a Navigators/Hallmark employee, the Making Millionaires program will allow you to progress through the company ranks based on exceptional performance and results.

Our commitment to recognizing excellence is deeply rooted in our company culture. It’s simple: Work hard. Get rewards.

We also provide comprehensive company-paid Employee Life and Health Benefits, a Wellness Strategy and a confidential Employee & Family Assistance Program (EAP).

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