Life @ hallmark

Hallmark Insurance Group is a brokerage that is located in Toronto & Markham, ON and provides best in class commercial insurance for organizations across the Greater Toronto Area.

One of the greatest drivers of success of Hallmark Insurance is its human capital. The knowledge and experience of our employees is a reason why nearly 5,000 businesses have trusted us with protecting their commercial assets. We’re always on the lookout for passionate people who enjoy a challenge. Successful broker candidates embrace our core values, have an acute competitive spirit, are financially motivated and are highly ethical.

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Life @ Hallmark Insurance

At the Hallmark Insurance Group, you will be challenged, stimulated and inspired to go above and beyond to achieve results. We provide an environment where employees are always rewarded for their hard work. Of course as they say, all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

But don’t take our word for it. See what other Hallmark employees have to say:

“The Hallmark Insurance Group is a great place to work as it is a conducive environment to work independently and collaborate with a great team. Hallmark provides it’s employees with opportunities to learn and grow in your business vertical so that you can give your clients added value. John’s (President of Hallmark) open door policy is another huge asset to working at this organization.”

Norma Gray; Transportation Account Manager (Trucking)

“I am delighted to be a proud employee and member of the Hallmark family. Hallmark is a first class operation that truly focuses on what is best for the prospect and client at all times. You cannot work for a more supportive brokerage and they have earned a stellar reputation both in the industry and among clientele due o their tremendous integrity, due dilligence, caring and attention to detail. I highly recommend Hallmark as the best brokerage to work at and to know and work with John Walters is a tremendous honour and privilege!”

Johnny Appleton; Account Manager ( Commercial Insurance Broker; Golf & Country Club / Mining)

The Making Millionaires Program

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