Truck Insurance

As Trucking companies in Ontario represent one of the cornerstones of our country’s economy, transporting consumer and commercial goods across provincial and state lines, there is a great deal of risk involved as soon as a truck hits the road. In the event that a truck is involved in a fatal accident, the financial implications to a company can be devastating. Talk to one of our Transportation Specialist to ensure that you are adequately covered.

truck insurance in toronto

At the Hallmark Insurance Group, our industry experts are able to tailor a risk management plan that will allow your trucking company to operate efficiently while being profitable. Our expert brokers will help you design an effective driver recruitment program, promote good hiring practices, identify all associated risks with truck driving and provide comprehensive solutions to manage your total cost of risk.

The Hallmark Insurance Group provides solutions for:

  1. Fleet Insurance
  2. Non-Fleet Insurance
  3. Long Haul vehicles
  4. Local vehicles
  5. Trailers
  6. Tow Trucks
  7. Couriers
  8. Driver Recruitment Programs

Hallmark Insurance Group provides the following trucking insurance coverages:

Auto Liability

Standard Liability limits for commercial vehicles are $2 Million. This limit can be increased based on your company’s needs.

Accident Benefits

This is a compulsory option with standard limits, however, limits can be increased based on your specific family needs.

Non-Owned Coverage

This coverage is designed if you use vehicles or pull trailers that you do not own.

Special Equipment

Specialized Transportation requires specific coverage. Talk to us if your company specializes in hauling Tankers, Car Carriers, Drop Decks, Containers and specialty Flat Beds

General Liability Policy

Garage Auto

This policy is designed for companies who have a in-house repair facility as well as for companies who regularly buy and sell vehicles.

Physical Damage and Comprehensive Coverage

Protect the investment of your trucks with physical damage and comprehensive coverage. Our Transportation Specialist will assist you on the selecting the appropriate physical damage and comprehensive coverage options based on your business needs.

Comprehensive coverage covers fire, theft, wind, hail, earthquake and other non-collision incidents.

Cargo Insurance

If you own cargo, you will need property insurance. If you haul cargo for someone else, you will require cargo insurance. Our Transportation Specialists will advise you on the coverage options available to best insure your cargo and how to best protect your business from a cargo loss.

Commercial Property

Our expert brokers can also provide you with a commercial property policy to ensure your building and/or office is adequately covered against fire, flood, theft or damage.

Important tips to remember:

1. Perform regular maintenance on all your trucks.
2. Have a strategic driver recruitment program in place.
3. Have a driver management program to address their needs.

Talk to a Hallmark Truck Insurance Specialist today!

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