The Merits of Private School Insurance Through Hallmark

Private school insurance solutions need to match your unique concerns. Hallmark addresses areas of risk management and financing options for your organization.
When it comes to schools and our children, reducing risk is the number one priority. Being prepared is essential planning and this can mean identifying issues that are already present, as well as addressing areas in the future that may pose concerns. Private school insurance policies are not simply about the numbers, but about analyzing current conditions and making long-term risk reduction plans, including disaster recovery, emergency response planning and complaint resolution.

Your Total Cost of Risk is important as well. Be assured that your policy can be designed to accommodate not only risk to your students, employees and visitors, but also your organizational plans as well. We can offer unique “in house” financing options, for example that can eliminate the need for third party lenders. As well, we can offer exclusive Accounts Receivable Coverage that can allow you to increase your working capital, while simultaneously adding security to your lending agreements.

Hallmark Insurance Brokers is the trusted partner of numerous institutions and organizations and offers expertise towards ensuring a perfectly tailored insurance policy. It is our goal to safeguard against a worst-case scenario so that it simply never occurs. This is done through diligent research, on-site analysis and an unparalleled level of risk management assessment by our dedicated team of insurance specialists.

Specific Areas of Private School Insurance Coverage

Your insurance broker can determine the precise areas in which you need coverage the most. Among the key concerns that can be addressed are:

  • Property (All risks)
  • Loss of Tuition Income
  • Crime (including Employee dishonesty and addition of volunteers as employees)
  • Abuse and Therapy
  • General Liability and Umbrella Liability
  • Educators’ Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Boiler and Machinery
  • Automobile

The Hallmark Difference Means Added Value

You need to have full access to information when an incident occurs. You also need a policy that can be continually reviewed and revised in order to suit the changing demands of your organization. There is simply no room for error or omission when it comes to ensuring that you are properly covered and no insurance gaps exist. Your broker needs to be available at all times to address any existing or future concerns. They need to be present and forthcoming with answers when you need them. Consider the value added services that Hallmark offers, such as:

  • Appraisals, On-site Safety Inspections
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Risk Mitigation Consultation
  • Full Contractual Analysis, Advice and Recommendations
  • Online Certificate Issuance 24/7
  • Quarterly Claims Analysis
  • Broker Report Card
  • Full Client Involvement in Market Analysis and the Quoting Process
  • Assistance with Financing of Premium and Safeguarding Receivables
  • Human Resources Audits and Consultation
  • Premium Financing

This is only a small sampling of the extensive services that provide your organization with the peace of mind it requires in order to maintain operations. You have full access to your insurance broker, which gives you the advice and assurance you need to your school running smoothly.

Hallmark Offers a Client-Centred Approach

Communication and teamwork is key to creating trust and longevity in our relationships with both our clients and our insurance partners. It is our intention to provide the best coverage at the best cost to your school. We have no financial ties to any carriers, which means our focus is on the policyholder first and foremost. Our strategic Account Executive, tactical Account Manager, Claims Facilitation expertise, Concierge Personal Lines and supportive Benefits Experts are all dedicated to your success.

Jonathan AppletonJonny Appleton is a Hallmark Insurance Broker who specializes in the area of Private School Insurance. He is dedicated to answering your questions and offering the advice that you need in order to construct the ideal policy wording for your organization, as well as provide options in addition to traditional policies. Contact Jonny today to learn more about options available to you and your organization.

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