Golf & Country Club Insurance

Hallmark Insurance Group is delighted to have a cutting edge and innovative golf insurance program designed to meet your golf and country club’s needs. Each club will have different priorities and needs and that is why at Hallmark our focus is on educating you on how your insurance policy works.


We work with you to understand the needs of your organization and educate you on issues like risk management and loss control so that you are able to make an informed decision on how to move forward. We then tailor an insurance solution and ensure that you understand how your golf insurance policy works, and help you navigate trough the claims process.

We design insurance solutions that are creative, flexible and responsive to all your risks. We keep it simple to give you peace of mind.


Our Value added services:

  1. Disaster Recovery
  2. Risk Management Seminars
  3. Human Resources
  4. Loss Control
  5. Risk Management Policies & Procedures Advice
  6. Employee Benefits Integration

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