What is Golf Insurance Protection Beyond Risk?

Comprehensive protection in your golf insurance policy is at an all time necessity as more and more clubs are falling victim to weather issues (for example) in Ontario. Depending upon the location of a golf course and the severity of a calamitous weather event, clubs can suffer from any number of business-ending tragedies.


Golf Insurance policies need regular review

Preparation is key to protection. Preparation is required to ensure your policy is not only adequately protective but also tailored to fit your unique course needs. A club is particularly vulnerable if their policy is out of date and not prepared for events that can shut down operations entirely, such as:

Hallmark is an industry leader in the field of golf insurance in Canada. We are sought out for not only our expertise in producing relevant policies, but also in our trusted advice. We help to create a risk management strategy that is drawn from analysis of your unique course offerings, clubhouse, location, membership, equipment and greens.


Golf insurance expertise and analysis

To name a few of the areas of service that Hallmark can provide customized and current coverage, we specialize in:


Keeping up to date with industry information, trends and issues is as much a priority for golf club owners as it is for golf insurance brokers. Because of our experience, we offer specific advice in the areas of insurance coverage, but we also work with clubs directly to encourage business development and longevity of the game itself.


The advantage of a personalized broker

Why pay for coverage you don’t need? But worse still, why assume you have the protection you require, only to discover an oversight when an incident arises? Over land flooding and ice storms have left many clubs scrambling to read their policies too late, only to discover the gaps in their protection. It’s vital that you understand exactly where you stand to lose the most, both in equipment and structures, but also in lost revenue due to an unforeseen and forced closure to enact damage repair.

Let us help you develop your course, your brand and your policy protection. Let us help you analyze your current policy for gaps and areas of improvement so that nothing is left to chance.

Jonathan AppletonJonny Appleton is a golf insurance specialist, well known within the golf and country club community as a trusted ally and broker. His approach is to work one-on-one in the field with his clients in order to address the specific areas of concern for both his client’s insurance policy but also the club’s longevity and viability as a business operation.

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