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Prior to the 1950’s, cigarette companies used real doctors to advertise their products. Companies used doctors as they were known as trust agents to the average consumer. Fast forward to 2012, that trick does not work anymore.

With business insurance, trust is the all-powerful lubricant that has kept economic wheels turning while building and maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships.  And to build trust, we don’t use doctors who hide behind a smile, selling you a product that is detrimental to your health. We use real people, who design real strategic solutions to lower your total cost of risk.

We serve as trusted advisers in designing commercial insurance products that will help your business minimize risk.

At the Hallmark Insurance Group, we have overcome tough times in business purely based on what people recognize us for: trust. To maintain that, we have created a window into our workings as we seek to start a dialogue with our clients to ensure trust and transparency. As they say, to “to trust is human”. Our brand new digital strategy for 2012 incorporates a brand new website and blog featuring multiple points of interaction between our business and our clients.

Welcome to our brand new website and blog!

The ingredients of success at the Hallmark Insurance Group boil down to two simple ingredients: trust & knowledge. Our expert brokers are equipped with industry experience, continuously churning information and insight into knowledge that will add value to our client’s business processes. Using our blog, we intend to share that knowledge with you. We desire to be a listening organization and a source of knowledge that allows us to strengthen our relationships with our client’s.

John Walters, President of Hallmark Insurance was quoted saying

“We are looking to strengthen our relationship with our current clients and build new relationships. We believe that these two pathways allow businesses and people to engage in a two-way dialogue. This two-way dialogue was previously either unavailable to us or too expensive. Digital and social media marketing will make us better listeners and then be able to improve what we do. This is critical for the Insurance Industry as our industry has done far worse in this regard then so many others industries”

Through our blog, you will be able to learn business insights, stay up to date with the impact of our economy on insurance, learn best practices with regards to business insurance and how it best applies to your industry. No matter what the industry you are in, we promise to deliver though-proving and relevant content that applies to your business. As we share it with you, we also hope that you share it with those you care about!

In addition to our blog, our new website has some other neat features:

We have revamped our ‘Careers Page’ to make sure the world knows that the Hallmark Insurance Group is an awesome place to work for; Check out Life@Hallmark.

Our ‘Claims Center’ is a dedicated lounge for all our valued clients to attain the information they need should the unthinkable or unimaginable happen.

Remember. We are real people with real solutions for protecting you and your business. We are excited to embark on this journey, and hope that you will be able to learn new insights, gain practical knowledge and of course have fun while doing it!

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The Hallmark Insurance Group provides “Services Beyond Risk®”. Our approach to risk management provides our clients with industry specific solutions for long-term risk reduction that leads to increased profitability, and facilitates access to the best insurance companies at the best possible premiums.

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