Private School Insurance Addresses Allegations of Fraud

Risk to private school insurance policies has been added by fraud claims. Ontario shows a lack of oversight. Learn more about the issue here.

Dozens of private schools in Ontario have been given a failing grade by the Ministry of Education. What the data shows is that a number of institutions have been fraudulently handing out diplomas to their students. As well, the provincial auditor has accused some schools of handing out higher grades than deserved and course credits despite a lack of attendance. What has resulted is an increase in the oversight and a higher level of scrutiny of the inner workings of Ontario institutions. This means there is an increase in the need for improved … [Read more...]

Brief ideas about understanding Small Business Insurance

Small business insurance policies provide essential coverage to protect your business assets and to protect you from unwanted suits so that your business operation can keep running.

As a business owner, you will need at least Property coverages and Liability coverages as part of your small business insurance policy. This is true whether you work from home, from your own building or from a rental space. The term “business owner” can refer to scenarios as listed below, but not limited to: 1 - Building owners Who rent out spaces to retail stores, offices, restaurants, auto repair shops, etc. 2 - Rented dwellings Commercial and residential, student house, rooming house, seasonal dwellings – Owners or property management … [Read more...]

Trucking Insurance Future: Cellphone and Driving Issues

The future of trucking insurance claims is beginning in Saskatchewan. Learn more about the risk of calling while driving.

A recent news item regarding cellphone use in CMVs has caught the attention of many carriers and trucking insurance insiders. On August 21st of 2014, a Saskatoon CMV driver was caught talking on his cellphone while on the job and he was pulled over. Subsequently, the company’s truck was impounded and held for seven days. This greatly impeded the small company’s ability to do business and cost them thousands in lost revenue. While the new laws are somewhat controversial, they state that a vehicle will be impounded for a week, regardless of who … [Read more...]

Cyber Liability Insurance: Preventing Phishing Attacks

Cyber Liability Insurance brokers advise proper training for all staff to beware of phishing attempts. Find out how to spot and report suspicious emails.

In the decades past, consumers were at risk of getting bilked out of their credit card numbers over the phone. But with the rise in identity theft, more than credit card numbers are at risk. Because so much of our individual existence is online, we are at a higher risk of getting cyber attacked. And in turn, the companies for which we work are at risk as well. If employees are unaware of the signs of suspicious emails, they could be inadvertently posing a huge cyber liability insurance risk to your digital database. If you suspect any possible … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Right Private School Insurance Provider

Not all private school insurance policies are created equal. Get advice on designing a policy that properly protects your organization and students.

Have you been tasked with securing your organization’s private school insurance policy? The job can be a daunting one, considering the complexities and variety of coverage that exists. Where does one begin to structure a policy that is going to need to protect your staff, students, building facilities, equipment, classroom visitors and even your board of directors? Most general policies will cover the basics, and yours should too. However, there are a number of add-ons that can easily get overlooked if you aren’t guided by the advice of a … [Read more...]

Trucking Insurance and Profitability Around Inspections

A major concern for trucking insurance brokers is to help fleets survive with increased profitability. Learn the effect of inspections on your bottom line.

The bottom line is the bottom line. What are you doing to improve it? One the areas in which a trucking insurance broker can help with your bottom line is in the area of education around the issue of inspections. The frequency and severity of attention paid to your trucks on the road will depend upon your safety rating, which in turn is dependent upon such factors as: The number of moving violations such as: speeding tickets, accidents, claims against. Secondary issues around hours of service compliance: ensuring that your drivers are … [Read more...]

Cyber Liability Insurance & Risk of Re-tweeting

Specific add-ons in cyber liability insurance provide severability from the actions of your employees in the case of re-tweeting.

In this day and age when many employees are encouraged to engage online with their clients and subscribers, it is all too easy for an employee to find himself or herself in a libelous situation. When an employee re-tweets a comment made from a secondary writer or publisher, they may be held accountable as a “publisher” for the defamatory words and sentiments held within the original tweet. This can prove to be a complicated matter because tweets often contain links to external stories and long-form opinions. If your employee is unaware of (or … [Read more...]

Private School Insurance For Employment Practices Liability

Private school insurance may be key protection against claims derived from employment practices. How exposed are you during the hiring and termination processes?

All private school insurance packages come with standard protection for property and liability in the event that there is damage done to the grounds, the classrooms as well as the students, staff and various employees. In fact, this area of protection is usually well established and there is little risk of there being a major loss due to under-insurance. However, there is a strong possibility that your policy has gaps in coverage when it comes to claims derived from employment practices and the perception of wrongdoing by your processes of … [Read more...]

How to Minimize Trucking Insurance Premiums: Beyond Claims-Free

There are many ways, other than being claims free, that a broker can help reduce trucking insurance premiums. Discuss the alternatives available.

Trucking insurance accounts for a significant piece of a fleet’s operating budget. This is the number one place to encourage savings that can benefit the whole organization. So then what is the number one way to minimize trucking insurance premiums? The obvious answer is to remain claims free. While this is the ideal situation, it is not always possible to show a spotless claims history. Brokers work on innovative plans that can help minimize premiums by other methods. Develop a Recruitment Plan for Better Staffing The manner in which you … [Read more...]

Golf Insurance Risk Plan and Lightening Strikes

The future of golf insurance may include fewer leniencies and greater liability when it comes to weather dangers. How do you protect your golfers?

“They came out to warn us…” says Rick Adams, one of the golfers affected by the sudden lightening strike that injured four men at a course in Stouffville, Ontario. This is only part of the story of the tornado and electrical storm that ravaged various areas around Ontario this past June. As if golf insurance risk wasn’t already taxed by the recent and devastating flooding, clubs now face tornados and other perils to their players and membership. But was this a freak storm, or does it speak to something more dire on the horizon? The fact is … [Read more...]