Liquor Policy: Being Upfront Reduces Golf Insurance Risk

Providing guests with a clear liquor policy can benefit your golf insurance. Read how to establish the language to keep your business safe.

What are the rules concerning the use of a club for alternative purposes? If you ask the question, you may fall into the category of this club in Maryland. While certain specific events are covered under a comprehensive or event golf insurance as an add-on, some occasions demand a discussion with the liquor board. In the US and as well in Canada, the Liquor Licensing Board has rules and regulations that define the boundaries of how and in what way you can serve alcohol at your business location. This is an extremely important piece of advice … [Read more...]

Telematics Webinar: Rate Reduction Plan in Trucking Insurance

Telematics webinar informs and calls for future trucking insurance rate reduction. Read how insurers like our partner, The Guarantee are developing a plan.

The concept of Usage Based Insurance (UBI) is not new to the general GTA driving public. This article in the Star outlines the details and benefits to non-commercial vehicle drivers. So the question that CMV companies must be asking is, “will we receive the same proposed relief on our trucking insurance as well?” One of the main concerns for a public-base UBI system is regarding privacy. In the realm of the trucking insurance industry, telematics has been a hot button topic. At the end of the day, however, insurers use this information to … [Read more...]

Backing Up Errors: Logistics Insurance & Driver Education

Training can affect logistics insurance coverage. This blog examines educational pamphlets to deal with backing up errors.

You may think that backing up accidents and simple defensive driving training doesn’t have an overall effect on insurance coverage. While the immediate financial impact may be relatively negligible and covered under deductibles, they may speak of a larger issue at work. Continual accidents can be an early warning sign of an operator’s ability to manage risk on the road. For example, are drivers aware when to: Inspect vehicle clearance for start-up? Check particular blind areas? Not delay after doing an initial walk around check? Apply … [Read more...]

Quebec Disaster: A Mining Insurance Wake Up Call For Companies

Government inspection is no substitute for private mining insurance protection for transporting hazardous materials. Update your policy now.

The recent civil suits precipitating from the Lac Mégantic derailment have renewed the call for companies to examine their existing mining insurance policies. In the process of transporting petroleum products, risk is high when moving these products through and around populated areas. The amount of scrutiny when it comes to procedures and safety initiatives is going to increase, as this article in the Globe and Mail cites. The federal government is under intense pressure to revisit its existing policies concerning the transport of hazardous … [Read more...]

Managing Carrier Profiles: Trucking Insurance Workshops

Carrier profile management workshops can go far to lower trucking insurance risks. Not only because drivers get safer, but also insurers value safety compliance.

Do you know how your carrier profile impacts your business? Trucking insurance protection benefits greatly from having an excellent safety rating. But still many fleet owners have a hard time understanding exactly how connected the two are. Be aware that there are workshops available as will be discussed that can provide much needed resources and training. If you are unaware of your carrier status, go to this US Department of Transportation site to review your current rating on their safety measurement system. Trucking insurance providers … [Read more...]

Growing The Game: Golf Insurance For Kids Events

The future of the game depends on initiatives to bring in youth. Kids events can be handled by your golf insurance policy. So don’t let concerns stop you.

In an ongoing effort to invigorate interest in the game of golf, I want to mention again how important it can be to create and offer events tailored to the young. If you check out, you’ll see a variety of events and initiatives that are trying to bring the game of golf to a younger generation. There are programs created through the National Golf In Schools program (for example) that are aimed at children as young as 6-years-old ranging up through the high school ages. The benefit to students and the school curriculum is to be … [Read more...]

Mining Insurance For Employment Practices Protection

Dealing with prospective and past employees may pose a mining insurance risk. Read how to protect against claims now and in the future.

It should readily be apparent that there is a need for protecting key executives in the event of a suit derived from shareholder grievances. But equally as important is the need to have adequate mining insurance protection against suits brought about by employees themselves. And in some cases, even those not yet or formerly employed by your company can pose a risk. There is significant risk involved in hiring, firing, or simply interviewing prospective workers. A former employee or someone interviewing for a position can decide that they … [Read more...]

Logistics Insurance Concern and Sleep Apnea Awareness

This logistics insurance blog looks at the symptoms of sleep apnea. Staying informed can keep drivers safe and prevent road-risks.

Among the key areas that should be addressed in driver training and driver awareness is sleep apnea and the effects that it can have. General health concerns such as nutrition and body conditioning may seem incidental to larger issues such as road safety but there is a direct connection. Employees who suffer from physical problems create a logistics insurance issue to the overall safety of a fleet’s operations. Be aware of the symptoms and the risks that sleep apnea can pose. As well, ensure that this information reaches your workers and is … [Read more...]

Beyond Traditional Trucking Insurance: The Guarantee Partnership

The Guarantee takes a fresh approach to trucking insurance. There are distinct advantages for Hallmark and its customers due to this exciting new partnership.

As previously announced, Hallmark is now a proud partner and one of the very select few brokerage firms to offer trucking insurance with (100% Canadian owned and operated) The Guarantee Company of North America™ (The Guarantee). Over the coming months, we hope to bring to light more detailed information (as well as a full whitepaper) on their partners, services and network. But to begin with, it’s important to understand exactly what they offer and how it can benefit existing and future Hallmark customers. As well, it can significantly … [Read more...]

How Green is Your Course? Golf Insurance Looks Globally

Pesticides used to treat greens can become golf insurance claims. Know what you’re putting into the ground and think globally.

This Globe and Mail article talks about the environmental damage that can be caused by clubs trying to attain perfection when it comes to the green of their grass. But thinking green can have a positive impact on future golf insurance claims. Did you know that prior to 1960, the ‘look’ of a course was quite different? In fact, the Globe article suggests that it was due to the advent of colour TV that started this trend. Suddenly, players demanded the kind of turf quality seen on their TVs during the PGA season causing what became known as … [Read more...]