How Insuring your Retail Business Will Save Your Money

Regardless of the size of your business, insurance is a must-have. Just like your car insurance, some pieces of a policy may be optional, but it’s just as necessary to protect what you’ve built. Your hard work deserves a back-up plan – and that’s exactly what retail store insurance will do for you. It’s highly recommended in the Canadian Retail Business start-up guide, which is a great read if you’re early in your endeavour. Remember that fire, theft, and product recalls are incidents that can prevent you from operation, leading to a loss of … [Read more...]

Cyber Liability Insurance & Prevention: Extensions Alert

We have come a long way in the cyber liability insurance industry. With more information and tools at our disposal, organizations with databases are getting better and better at stopping malicious activities. However, as we get better at prevention, crooks develop better tools with which to carry out their nefarious actions. One of the easiest ways for a criminal to gain system access is through email. And in particular, with malicious file attachments. Some of these files can easily circumvent firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, … [Read more...]

Cyber Liability Insurance: High Threat for Ontario Unions

Data is the one of your most important assets. Providing privacy through the protection of that data can reflect upon the service you offer your members. The reputation and service that unions (as with all businesses) provide can affect the quality and future of an organization. A simple glitch in an IT system is enough to paralyze and expose data to the public, as what happened in this harrowing incident. This is why protecting data is so important. And therefore, why it is also important to protect your resources by seeking appropriate … [Read more...]

Golf Club Insurance Advice on Greens Quality & Membership

It’s not news to report that 2014 has been a bust for clubs across Ontario. Traditional months of prosperity were filled with frost and rain this year. Clubs are scrambling to make up for lost revenue as well as dealing with damage to their greens. Membership also suffers during these times of peril. As a golf club insurance broker, we are seeing a disturbing trend among potential members to avoid clubs whose greens are particularly vulnerable to frost damage, in favour of more hardy courses. Is it possible that your choice of grass can affect … [Read more...]

2014’s Common Truck Insurance Claims

Road accidents can be disastrous for truckers. A delivery vehicle may be out of commission for weeks and that is before repair costs. Loss of cargo leads to deteriorating customer relationships and shrinking orders. Add the impact on company insurance premiums and it becomes clear that avoiding accidents goes beyond driver safety. Northbridge investigated the Top 5 heavy vehicle insurance claims and uncovered the five factors behind them. #1 Most Common Truck Insurance Claim: Being Rear-Ended Average 2014 Claim $12,000 Distracted driving and … [Read more...]

Golf Club Insurance Reveals Arson Risk and Fire Prevention

One of the more devastating incidents that can impact your normal operations is a fire causing damage to the property, structures or equipment. In the case of this Laval course, the smell of gasoline indicated a strong suspicion of arson. There are fire prevention measures and risk assessment plans that you can undertake in consultation with your golf club insurance broker. While it may be impossible to predict and defend against a criminal attack, there are still some ways to make it more difficult for criminals to gain access to the tools and … [Read more...]

Tips to Save on Small Business Insurance Premiums

A lot of business owners complain that they pay too much for their small business insurance and some may see that their premiums go up each year. Actually, there are many ways that business owners can save on premiums. While every policy is different and built to suit your unique operation, there are some basic areas of exposure that can easily be addressed and can have an impact on premiums. Check out our list of the top 6 things that you can do to improve your standing with insurance companies. Begin With Your Risk Plan and Loss History 1- … [Read more...]

Golf Club Insurance Rates & Public Fire Protection Classification

Golf club insurance premiums are directly related to the level of risk your commercial property poses to guests as well as the surrounding territory. This may be of particular importance to golf club insurance policy holders, as properties tend to be in communities that are fairly remote. A club may pose a certain amount of risk to their own property as well as neighbouring residential or commercial properties. The Fire Underwriters Survey analyzes data in order to arrive at a classification of individual communities across Canada. Where is … [Read more...]

Cyber Liability Insurance: Privacy Breach Checklist

When a privacy breach occurs, organizations must take proactive measures to deal with the situation promptly. Because of the speed with which leaked information can fall into the wrong hands, sealing and dealing with a breach must happen quickly. In terms of preventative steps, discuss your current plan with your cyber liability insurance specialist. But when responding to an incident, consider the following checklist of actions that organizations need to follow in order to speed up the clean up. Cyber Liability Insurance: Breach Checklist 1. … [Read more...]

Private School Insurance Addresses Allegations of Fraud

Dozens of private schools in Ontario have been given a failing grade by the Ministry of Education. What the data shows is that a number of institutions have been fraudulently handing out diplomas to their students. As well, the provincial auditor has accused some schools of handing out higher grades than deserved and course credits despite a lack of attendance. What has resulted is an increase in the oversight and a higher level of scrutiny of the inner workings of Ontario institutions. This means there is an increase in the need for improved … [Read more...]